Evolution Working Group

The Evolution Working Group is a group of faculty and students from the University of Alabama, and staff of the Alabama State Geological Survey. Current members of EVOWOG, departmental affiliations and areas of specialty:

Alaska close-up 1
Fred Andrus
Geological Sciences
paleoclimatology; climate change; isotope geochemistry; archaeology; paleoecology; marine organism skeletal growth (fish otoliths, coral, mollusks, etc)

BuhrAnthony Buhr
Communicative Disorders
Speech production; Fluency Disorders: Psychology of language.

Jason DeCaro
Human population biology and health; human ontogeny; life history theory; adaptive plasticity; the evolution of childhood.

earley-cvRyan Earley
Biological Sciences
Animal behavior; mechanisms that underlie behavioral variation among individuals of a population; fishes; hormones, metabolism, gene expression, and neurobiology

EhretDana J. Ehret
University of Alabama Museums
Vertebrate paleontology; evolution and paleobiology of white sharks; herpetology; conservation and evolution of turtles

Joshua Eyer

Evans-600-pixels-wideWilliam Evans
Telecommunication and Film
Science communication; evolutionary perspectives on media

Fierst_1205Janna Fierst
Biological Sciences
Evolutionary genetics; genome evolution; network evolution; bioinformatics; computational biology; evolutionary theory

Eleanor Finnegan
Religious Studies (partial appointment in History)
Religion and Ecology, Islam, Social Formation, Critical Theory

GoldstonDee Goldston
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Evolution, Sociocultural influences of learning/teaching science, Inquiry based Pedagogies, Science Curriculum Development, and Professional development and Professional Learning Communities.

Deborah Keene
Blount Undergraduate Initiative
Department of Geological Sciences
Archaeological science, Southeastern prehistoric archaeology, and evolution education

David Kopaska-Merkel
Geological Survey of Alabama
ancient reef and mound deposits; carbonate geology; characteristics of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks

Jeff Lozier
Biological Sciences
population genetics; molecular ecology; conservation; speciation; local adaptation; social insects; biological invasions

Christopher Lynn
Biocultural medical anthropology; human behavioral ecology; neuroanthropology; human sexual behavior; cognitive mechanisms of religion.
EvoS minor co-director. EvoS Club advisor.

PetersonErik Peterson
history and philosophy of developmental and evolutionary biology from Aristotle to the Human Genome Project; history and philosophy of anthropology from Kant to Marvin Harris

lkr_headshotLaura Reed
Biological Sciences
Evolutionary genetics of metabolic disease in Drosophila



Wendy Reed  
Honors College  
Public TV producer (discovering alabama and Bookmark)

Richard Richards
Darwin; history and philosophy of biology; species and taxonomy; naturalism and value


Firat Soylu
Educational Psychology & ELDEN Research group (http://elden.ua.edu)
Embodied cognition; neuroscience; science and math learning; educational technology; evolution of cognition

Ed Stephenson
Biological Sciences
molecular and cellular biology; evolution of developmental mechanisms; molecular evolution; history
of the Evolution Working Group.

TOM_6389Thomas Tobin
Geological Sciences
Mass extinctions, invertebrate paleontology, stable isotope geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoecology

John Yoder
Biological Sciences
evolution of morphological novelty