Evolution Working Group

The Evolution Working Group is a group of faculty and students from the University of Alabama, and staff of the Alabama State Geological Survey. Current members of EVOWOG, departmental affiliations and areas of specialty:

Alaska close-up 1
Fred Andrus
Geological Sciences
paleoclimatology; climate change; isotope geochemistry; archaeology; paleoecology; marine organism skeletal growth (fish otoliths, coral, mollusks, etc)

David B. Boles
comparative cognition; evolutionary cognition; brain evolution; handedness; language; history of Evolution Working Group

BuhrAnthony Buhr
Communicative Disorders
Speech production; Fluency Disorders: Psychology of language.

Taylor Burbach Burbach
EvoS Club President
Anthropology; public health and human nutrition; biocultural medical anthropology.​

Jason DeCaro
Human population biology and health; human ontogeny; life history theory; adaptive plasticity; the evolution of childhood.

earley-cvRyan Earley
Biological Sciences
Animal behavior; mechanisms that underlie behavioral variation among individuals of a population; fishes; hormones, metabolism, gene expression, and neurobiology

EhretDana J. Ehret
University of Alabama Museums
Vertebrate paleontology; evolution and paleobiology of white sharks; herpetology; conservation and evolution of turtles

Joshua Eyer

Evans-600-pixels-wideWilliam Evans
Telecommunication and Film
Science communication; evolutionary perspectives on media

Eleanor Finnegan
Religious Studies (partial appointment in History)
Religion and Ecology, Islam, Social Formation, Critical Theory

Dee Goldstein


Deborah Keene

David Kopaska-Merkel
Geological Survey of Alabama
ancient reef and mound deposits; carbonate geology; characteristics of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks

Jeff Lozier
Biological Sciences
population genetics; molecular ecology; conservation; speciation; local adaptation; social insects; biological invasions

Christopher Lynn
Biocultural medical anthropology; human behavioral ecology; neuroanthropology; human sexual behavior; cognitive mechanisms of religion.
EvoS minor co-director. EvoS Club advisor.

Alberto-218x300Alberto Perez-Huerta
Geological Sciences
Paleontology; biomineralization; biogeochemistry; paleoecology; research instrumentation development

PetersonErik Peterson
history and philosophy of developmental and evolutionary biology from Aristotle to the Human Genome Project; history and philosophy of anthropology from Kant to Marvin Harris

lkr_headshotLeslie Reed
Biological Sciences
Evolutionary genetics of metabolic disease in Drosophila




Wendy Reed

Richard Richards
Darwin; history and philosophy of biology; species and taxonomy; naturalism and value


Ed Stephenson
Biological Sciences
molecular and cellular biology; evolution of developmental mechanisms; molecular evolution; history
of the Evolution Working Group.

TullettAlexa Tullett
Social psychology; motivational aspects of belief; psychophysiology


John Yoder
Biological Sciences
evolution of morphological novelty